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As difficult as it has been for the hospitality industry in the past few months, across Europe the lockdown is beginning to ease and with it we need to turn our attentions to the reopening of hotels and restaurant sector.

Re-opening comes with some challenges. We need to work together to ensure the reopening is done carefully and changes are made to ensure guests and employees are not unnecessarily put at risk. At Entegra Europe we have already begun supporting both our supply chain partners as well as our hospitality clients with their reopening plans.

Drawing on our global expertise we are here to give you all the support you need in advance of the reopening whether that is with:

  • The best in class supplier pricing to accelerate your return back to profit
  • Ensuring you have the optimum supply chain for your new needs
  • The support to source PPE equipment
  • The support you need to evolving your food and beverage offer including moving to retail style solutions

We are here to support you and make the process easier and safer by offering consolidated and professional supply chain solutions from accredited suppliers.

Please contact us if you want any form of advice on reopening. We are here to help.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work”    (Plato)