Quality/profit – where are you going wrong?

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Whether you run a top restaurant or small café, making a profit while ensuring that you give your customers excellent food is a delicate balancing act. Good-quality ingredients cost more, but if you increase your prices, then it will be harder to tempt new customers in. However, using poor-quality ingredients is a false economy. If your food is not good, then customers will quickly drift away. Finding a way to keep the quality high at a price that your customers are happy to pay is the key to building your profits.

Getting the best ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean buying from the most expensive supplier. Shop around with suppliers to find the best prices. Some may be willing to offer a discount if you bulk-buy from them. The costs of many products vary throughout the year. Using seasonal ingredients will allow you to create fresh and innovative dishes at a time when those ingredients taste best and the cost to you is at its lowest. Using Entegra to connect you with suppliers can help you find the quality ingredients that your customers love while also saving you money.

It is important to monitor how well the dishes in your establishment are selling and how much profit they are making. If they are not turning around enough profit, then you need to consider why. You may not be selling enough of these dishes, resulting in wastage. Another possibility is that when pricing your dishes, you are not factoring in all costs. Ingredients comprise one element of a dish’s cost, but you also need to consider factors such as the energy and staff time needed to prepare it. You should also consider the extras that you may offer for free to the customers, such as sugar, seasoning and sauces. Over time, these costs can mount up, which reduces your profit if you do not factor them into price of your dishes.

Cheap prices may initially pull in a crowd, but maintaining quality is essential to building up a loyal customer base. Eating in restaurants is about more than just the food, and customers expect to pay for the entire experience. Ensuring that your establishment is clean and attractively decorated will get your business off to a promising start. Polite, attentive staff will make your customers feel special, increasing the quality of their experience. While they could go elsewhere to take advantage of slightly cheaper prices, if they have enjoyed the experience in your establishment, then there is a good chance that they will not.

If your profits are falling because of a lack of customers, then it is time to take a good look at your menu. Diners frequently browse menus online before booking a table, and if yours does not appeal to them, then they will go elsewhere. Making sure that there is a wide variety of good-quality dishes on your menu will increase your popularity. When creating menus, do not forget to have dishes available for those with allergies and intolerance. If you find that creating allergy-compliant menus is a challenge, then Entegra Europe’s “What’s in my dish?” service will be beneficial for you.

Sell food at the right price so that you will not need to compromise on the quality. Tasty dishes, a welcoming establishment and a comprehensive menu will help you both draw in and keep your customers.