PSL welcomes a new supplier – Solstice

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Established in 1996. Solstice Limited is a food distribution company with a difference.

The philosophies behind Solstice are to understand the client’s needs and to prioritise them at all times.
The ethos is to source, where possible, from the UK. We have an extensive register of farmers around the country who are more than willing to produce the best quality possible. Modern food trends, together with constant demands from clients, have enabled Solstice to offer a comprehensive list of locally grown products, putting us way ahead of our competitors.
We have built up and maintained a reputation based on the quality of our produce and our service, and we constantly strive to maintain and improve everything that we do.

Preparation of specialist orders:

Solstice provides precision preparation. Fruit and vegetables are hand-prepared to the client’s exact specifications by skilled craftsmen: potatoes can be chipped; parsley chopped; carrots grated or sliced; mangoes diced; oranges segmented; salads washed and mixed – the possible variations are endless.

The prep team’s sterile, refrigerated kitchen maintains the freshness of the produce. Solstice preparation is an entirely cost effective labour-saver. The client will be cutting both costs and time: their tailored order will not only contain the finest produce around but it will also be excellently prepared, packed as they wish and ready to go.